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Nailmaid nail tool the safe, ideal and easy way to file your nails. Ideal for people with reduced hand muscle strength or disability. Also suitable for young children.
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Nailmaid nail file, tool to file your nails.

The Nailmaid is a unique tool for filing nails, which helps you to have beautiful and even nails in a simple way.

The device has no dangerous sharp and rotating edges. The Nailmaid works on batteries (included) and by placing the nails in the grooves on the file you will get beautiful and even nails. The nail length can be determined by the different grooves.

Suitable for single-handed use and for left- and right-handed people.

Also suitable for longer nails through the use of the special designing profile templates.

Ideal for the elderly with reduced hand muscle strength or people with disabilities.
Also suitable for young children.

Small children depend on the help of their parents to get their nails trimmed. Trying to use boisterous scissors with restless children is a dangerous job! This makes it even longer and it becomes an event that children are afraid of. Nailmaid removes these problems. There are no dangerous sharp or rotating edges. It is completely safe and young children will quickly learn how to use it if you want.

For people with limited hand strength or people with limited options, it is sometimes difficult to hold scissors securely. The use of a file or nail clipper is also not much easier. Nailmaid offers the ideal solution. With a little training you can file your nails without problems with just one hand. You can sit comfortably with Nailmaid on a table or on your lap and file your nails. With a little training, it can even be used by people with limited vision!

After a sports injury to a hand, arm or shoulder you can still take care of your nails with the help of Nailmaid. You only need one hand.


How to use the Nailmaid:
Place the Nailmaid on a stable surface or hold in your hand.
Select the groove that best fits the shape, size and nail length of your nail.
The closer to the center of the contour plate, the less your nail will be filed and vice versa.
Turn the switch on. Slowly and carefully tilt your finger from left to right and gradually increase the pressure to shorten the fingernail.
If your fingernail is no longer filed by the disc, move your finger to the next groove and repeat the process to further shorten the nails.
Stop when you are satisfied with the nail length.

A short time is enough to master Nailmaid.
Avoid applying strong pressure on the finger and therefore on the grinding wheel. This can lead to uncomfortable warming of your nails.

Special shaping profile templates are included for longer nails.
The templates fit into the two small holes on the contour plate.
The finger must be held 90 ° on the profile template for the best results.
Start by placing the middle of the nail in the middle of the profile template and then evenly from right to left and file.
We recommend that you use the profile templates only after you have gained sufficient experience with the Nailmaid.


Source: YouTube - Nailmaid


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