Fysic FL-30 TL Loepamp table model from Fysic

The Fysic FL-30TL magnifying lamp is a magnifying glass lamp that can help with both creative activities and reading. This magnifying lamp in table model has fluorescent lighting.
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The Fysic FL-30TL magnifying lamp is a magnifying lamp that can help with creative activities as well as reading.

This table model has fluorescent lighting. The magnifying lamp also has a closed folding arm and an extra long connecting cord.

  • Lighting: T4 Fluorescent tube daylight color
  • Height: 33 cm
  • Lens: 4 "inch (10 cm)
  • Material lens: glass
  • Magnification: 5 diopters (2.25x)
  • Power supply: 220-240V, 12W

A reading magnifier is a nice tool for all kinds of activities that require (extra) good visibility.
Reading the newspaper, a magazine or a book of course, but also with all kinds of other hobbies and activities.
Think of working with small parts (for a repair or a construction project), putting together a modeling vehicle, or looking carefully at (old) photos.
Not only hobbyists like to use a good magnifying glass, but also jewelers, biologists, philatelists and watchmakers can not do without it.
With this tabletop reader you have the hands free to fully concentrate on your activity.

When purchasing a reading magnifier, it is important to pay attention to specifications and quality.

You do not want a glass that has a blue or green haze, but a clear lens.
You want the right diopter, for an enlargement that is sharp, but not too big.
Then this reading magnifier is an excellent choice, because:

  • With a lens of 5 diopters you get a magnification of 2.25 times.
    That creates a slightly quieter picture than, for example, 8 diopters,
    where you get a magnification of 3 times.
  • Thanks to the extra long cable of 2.5 meters, an extension cable is generally not required.
    You place the magnifying glass on the table, put the plug in the socket and the magnifying glass is ready for use.
  • You get the lens protection included in the form of a cap, so that the lens is protected when you do not use the reading magnifier.
  • This table model has a strong, closed articulated arm that stays on top of the settings you set.
  • The lighting consists of a T4 fluorescent tube in daylight color, so you have perfect vision.

Technical specifications of the reading magnifier

A reading magnifier makes it easy for you to read and do other hobbies or activities at the table. This magnifier from Fysic is of good quality, witness the beautiful specifications.
We put the most important ones here: a closed articulated arm, fluorescent tube in daylight color, clear glass, a lens of 4 inches (10 centimeters), an extra long cord, the height of 33 centimeters and the power supply of 220 - 240V or 12W.
With Fysic you choose a well thought-out and user-friendly product of high quality.

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